Cubs – Halloween Programme

We may not be meeting this Friday Night for our Halloween Games night and fancy dress, but we can all still have fun (check you emails for the files sent from Akela)

Your leaders have put together a jam packed night for you to follow. Just look in the attached document – pick out the things to make your Halloween a bit spookier and less locked down!

PLEASE – have a go – it will earn you some parts of your World Challenge Badge if you manage to do some of this nights programme. Send us photos of your Halloween costumes and if you had a go making the buns or some Halloween jokes to share with the other cubs and perhaps on the 9th Bangor Scout Group Facebook page.

We have taken a Welsh Halloween theme for our night to find out a bit about how the festival is celebrated in Wales, and you can hear and learn the Cub Scout Promise in Welsh as well! Let me know if you managed to say a few of the words.

Take care and we hope to continue to send you some fun ideas to do at home – until we meet again!

All the Best

Akela – 9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Cub Pack