Pumpkin Carving Challenge!

October 2020

We are challenging all of our Squirrels / Beavers / Cubs / Scouts / Young Leaders to share their photographs of their carved pumpkins (or turnips)!

There will be prizes!




Share you photos at gsl9thbangor@countydownscouts.org.uk

Scouts – Hike along the Coastal Path!

October 2020

The Scout Troop walked from Grey Point Fort to the RNLI Station (Bangor) on another dry and the sunny afternoon!

The Scouts took the opportunity to do a little geocaching (Geocache Badge) and even found a kindness rock. All in a socially responsible and socially distancing way!

Group – World Mental Health Day

October 2020

Today is world mental health day, everyone’s experience to mental health problems are different.

Inspire is one of our local community impact partners, if you need help or advise contact them.

Scouting is a worldwide family, be there for one another especially in these uncertain times ⚜

Scouts – Orienteering

October 2020

The Scout Troop was orienteering at Crawfordsburn in the sun earlier today!

All orienteering markets found and no Scouts lost on the way!

Squirrels – Help Needed!

If you go out in the woods today you may never know what you might find – the Scout Troop orienteering or ‘Squirrel at Work’

We are in need of help with our Squirrel Drey in the coming months – if you are interested and available please let the GSL know!

Scouts – Jamboree on the Trail 2020

Well done to the members of the Scout Troop who completed the Jamboree on the Trail 2020.

Great to see everyone again after such a long hiatus from Weekly Meetings plus catch up all the fun activities the Scouts have been taking part in.

Squirrels – Adventures!

September 2020

Squirrels – we hope all our Squirrels have had a great summer of play and adventure! This squirrel has been scavenging for nuts for winter hibernation!

We are working to try see when we can start meeting again – we will keep informed of progress!


Group – Keep an eye on your doormat!

September 2020

We have just put a letter in the post addressed to all young people in the Squirrel Drey / Beaver Colony / Cub Pack / Scout Troop so keep an eye on your letterbox!

Group – Good Luck!

Good Luck to all our young people as they start the next step in their educational journey!

A new school year may mean a new teacher, a new classroom, some new friends and some old friends. For some of you, it may be a new school, with a new uniform (that you will grow into) plus the challenges of a bus journey/train journey/walk to school!

The Leaders and Management Team at 9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Scout Group wish you well as you start back to school after such a long hiatus!

County – Virtual County Camp – 22 / 23 May 2020!

Squirrels / Beavers / Cub Scout / Scouts / Explorers / Leaders

County Down is organising a Virtual County Camp @ Home for all members to camp over night 22 / 23 May 2020

Many thanks to everyone who has all ready registered County Camp @ Home! There is plenty of time to register by following this link – https://www.countydownscouts.org.uk/news/article/county-camp-form 

One form does the whole family, and do not panic if you do not have a tent, you can sleep anywhere, be creative – some ideas have been posted of our Facebook Page

The programme for camp is full of activities for all ages and abilities and further information will be sent in due course via the Facebook Page or Instagram Feed.

Virtual County Camp @ Home will start next Friday 6pm with an opening message from our Youth Commissioners and an online virtual campfire.

Please get involved – given the current circumstances this is as close as we will get to a Group Camp between now and September!

Send you photos to Group Scout Leader

Have fun, enjoy the challenge and adventure

Simon Brown (Group Scout Leader)

Group – Parents Night / AGM

May 2020

This should have been 9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Scout Group Parents Night / AGM – we would have looked back at what each Section has done in the last 12 months, had a little fun, had a few laughs, some food (possibly) and maybe a little sing-song around a Campfire to round the night off!

Unfortunately, you may have noticed this has not been possible given current circumstances. Do not fear, when we are back to our weekly meetings there will be a night planned to reflect and review on all the great experiences we have had and look forward to the next challenges!

Hope your Sunflowers are starting to grow!!??!!

#leadingtheway County Down Scouts North Down Scouts

Group – St George’s Day / Hike to the Moon

April 2020

As County Down Scouts, we are trying to get as many of our members (Young People and Adult Volunteers) to renew their Promise on Thursday 23rd April 2020 at 7.07pm.

Please take photographs and share them with the Group Scout Leader (gsl9thbangor@countydownscouts.org.uk) who will share them across the Group / County / World on Facebook and our website. 

The Scout Association is also challenging us to ‘Hike to the Moon’ on 23rd April 2020 – follow the link to website that explains it all https://www.scouts.org.uk/volunteers/scouts-at-home/scouts-helping-others/hike-to-the-moon/

Lets see if we can get as many 9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Scout Group members renewing their promise and Hiking to the Moon as we can

Beaver Scout Promise

Cub Scout Promise

Scout – Leader Promise

Group – The Great Sunflower Challenge 2020

March 2020

As we slowly come in to the better weather and with the clocks changed to British Summer Time, we invite you to take part in The Great Sunflower Challenge 2020 for all members including Squirrels / Beaver Scouts / Cub Scouts / Scouts/ Explorer Scouts / Scout Network / Occasional Helpers / Sectional Assistants / Group Executive Members / Group Supporters.

The who, what , where , when and how are all the in the instruction / rules in the link below

Good Luck!

Simon Brown (Group Scout Leader)

The Great Sunflower Challenge 2020

Group – We are going Virtual!

9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Scout Group is now going ‘VIRTUAL’ and is going to be 9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Virtual Scout Group!

Keep tabs on your emails, website, Facebook and Instagram about Badges / Activities that can be done at home while the weekly meetings are suspended!

#leadingtheway #skillsforlife North Down Scouts County Down Scouts

Group – Suspension of All Section Meetings

9th Bangor (St Gall’s) Scout Group have made the difficult decision to suspend all meetings of Squirrels / Beaver Scouts / Cub Scouts / Scouts – the Leaders Team are currently sending out specific details to each of their sections via email!

The decision of the Leaders Team has been supported by a recent communication from Tim Kidd (UK Chief Commissioner) in which we have been instructed to suspend all face-to-face meetings, see link


Group – Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Squirrels – St Patrick’s Night

March 2020

St Patrick’s Day craft, courtesy of our fabulous Grey Squirrel!

#stpatricksday The Scouts County Down Scouts North Down Scouts

Group – Plans for the Year!

March 2020

A huge, massively big ‘Thank you’ to all the Leaders and members of the Group Executive who are working tirelessly in the background organising programmes / night out of the hall / camps / plus the odd surprise!

There is going to be lots of stuff happening in the sections over the next few weeks and months as we venture out of the Scout Hall with the brighter nights.

Please make sure you read the emails sent out from the Leaders as times, drop-off point and pick-up point plus the clothes that need to be brought or worn may change depending on the activity!

We want all our Young People and Adults to have a fun, adventurous and safe time when we venture out of the Scout Hall – so keep your eyes open for more info dropping into your emails!

#skillsforlife #leadingtheway North Down Scouts County Down Scouts

Scouts – District Sponsored Walk

March 2020

Scouts – They are off on the District Sponsored Walk from Sea Park, Holywood to McKee Clock, Bangor!

The weather was kind and the young people were at the end by 2 pm!

Scouts – Patrol Weekend

March 2020

Scouts – And that’s a rap for the Patrol Leader Training weekend!

What a fantastic weekend and I have to say I am very proud of our Scout’s behaviour, attitude and willingness to learn; A shining example for North Down!