Toss out 2020

Scout Troop – Toss out 2020!

Date: 01/01/2021 to 03/01/2021

Starting Location: Wherever you want it to be

Details: During 2020 we had planned for the Scouts to take part in the Trash the Trash international event, a global event to encourage scouts to remove rubbish from the environment. Sadly we could not take part this year as Northern Ireland was in lockdown, however the organisers have planned an event for the first weekend of 2021.

Toss out 2021 is an event that any Scout can do at home or in their local area to help remove rubbish from the environment. You can do this with a tidy up of your home, sweeping up the garden or cleaning up the street or park near your house. Removing this rubbish helps prevent flora and fauna damage, while helping to keep the local area pleasant looking.

Scouts who take part in this event will cover sections of the Environmental Conservation Badge. To qualify for it please make sure to take a picture of your Scout (Wearing a 9th Bangor Scarf ideally) and email to the Scout Leader or to the Social Media Pages!

Good Luck – be mindful of possibly dangerous rubbish like glass, sharps and, sadly, clinical waste (masks, gloves etc)!!